Stackspin is an online office suite in which you control the data. It includes everything a small organisation needs to get themselves organised:

Stackspin is currently in Beta. If you would like to try out Stackspin, please reach out to us through the contact page!

What can Stackspin do?

Why should I use Stackspin?

There are several reasons why you should use Stackspin.

Unlike other online services, Stackspin does not

  • Show you ads

    Because Stackspin is built on open source applications and you pay for the infrastructure it runs on, there is no need to make money from advertisement.

  • Lock you in

    You control your data. You can take it elsewhere if you want.

  • Control your data

    With Stackspin, you choose the server. You can have a server at home, in an office, in a data centre, or with a cloud provider. This means that you control the data on the server and who has access to it.

  • Make money from your data

    We don’t use your data to show ads. We don’t analyze your data and sell the analysis to the highest bidder, etc.

  • Share resources with others

    Your Stackspin is not a spot on a shared Stackspin server, but only yours.

Stackspin is

  • Self-hosted

    You get complete control over your data by hosting Stackspin on your own infrastructure.

  • Auto updating

    You won’t have to worry about updating the applications every week, Stackspin applies most updates automatically.

  • Open source

    Stackspin is built on open source software.

    Stackspin is not the only open source private cloud platform, check out our comparison with similar platforms here.

What do I need to do to use Stackspin?

Most applications included in Stackspin allow you to import data from other popular cloud applications. For example, you can import your Slack history to Rocket.Chat or synchronize whole directories with Nextcloud using the desktop client.

To get started, you only need a server that meets the prerequisites stated in the documentation. Your server should only be used for Stackspin. Contact us if you need help setting it up.


Watch the video below to get a full demonstration of what Stackspin is currently capable of.

This demonstration video was initially recorded for Rightscon 2020 (the online version).


We gladly help you with your questions and assist you in case you encounter problems. Reports of problems and bugs are very valuable for us so we encourage you to get in touch with us. We can’t guarantee we will provide support for free forever, but we can tell you that we will keep Stackspin open source and available for free.

Latest news

Openappstack Renamed To Stackspin

The new name of OpenAppStack is “Stackspin”.

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Project maintainers

The project is run by Greenhost in collaboration with, OTF and PrototypeFund.