In June we have made a lot of small improvements to OpenAppStack. Additionally, we have replaced Collabora with OnlyOffice for a variety of reasons. Read all about it below.


Almost immediately after our previous monthly report, we received some feedback from Collabora users. Not long after, we ran into the same issues. In short, Collabora seemed to be a bit too slow and too resource-heavy for our purposes. For that reason, we decided to try OnlyOffice. Our first experiences are positive. In fact, I’m typing this very message in a document in OnlyOffice running on OpenAppStack.

As part of this effort, we made an OnlyOffice helm chart, which is now available on our code repo.

Project repository move

Some people have asked us if they can make issues and merge requests to OpenAppStack. In the past this has not been possible, because we were hosting on Greenhost’s private GitLab server. Because we want to start alpha tests soon, we expect that more people would like to create issues and merge requests and keep in close contact with us. We have set up a Greenhost open source GitLab server and are now moving all the openappstack related projects there. Feel free to take a look around at You can create an account there, or sign in with a GitHub account.

Other improvements

Some of our projects were missing a proper (open source) license. We fixed that last month, all OpenAppStack projects are now either AGPL or Apache 2.0 licensed. Furthermore, we have updated a lot of dependencies (including an update to Debian Buster!). We also improved saving local data and worked on automated tests for Grafana and OnlyOffice.