• Openappstack Renamed To Stackspin

    The new name of OpenAppStack is “Stackspin”.

  • Openappstack 0.7.0 Release

    Openappstack 0.7.0 is released as we wrap up the current Prototype funding round. Our first milestone after we continued to work on OAS six months ago is reached.

  • 0.6.0 Release

    We’re pleased to announce a new release of Openappstack (0.6.0)!

  • Make us Look Good: UX/Design Call for Proposals

    OpenAppStack (OAS) is looking for individuals or companies specialised in value-sensitive UX and design, for a full design of the administrative dashboard for OAS.

  • Restarting Work On Openappstack

    After OTF had to suspend our project last year, we are restarting work. We have new funding from Internet Freedom Support Fund and Prototype Fund and we share a short...</span> </li>

  • Progress Report June

    In this newsletter: backups, monitoring, Nextcloud email configuration, improved customizability, deflect integration progress and maintenance work

  • Progress Report May

    You can still join the newsletter; beta test starts soon; resource usage reduced; local-storage discontinued; backups with Velero

  • Progress Report April

    OpenAppStack work continued after few months break; join the newsletter; Next test phase in a few weeks

  • Progress Report November

    November started out great with the OTF summit. We had some very good conversations about the future of collaboration using open source tools and a lot more

  • Progress Report October

    In October we have worked hard on officially releasing an alpha version, 0.2.1. You can find more information about that here.

  • Version 0.2.1 Released

    We just released version 0.2.1 of OpenAppStack. This version is meant for everyone who wants to help us “alpha test” our code.

  • Progress Report September

    This is what happened for OpenAppStack last month. We mostly worked on the user management/single sign on interface and Nextcloud. Apart from that we have worked on automatically testing that...</span> </li>

  • Progress Report August

    Let me start this report by saying it is still possible to join our Alpha Test. So if you want to help us, please email us.

  • Progress Report July

    July is marked by us starting the Alpha Test. Email us if you want to help us test!

  • Comparison Of Kubernetes App Auto Updates

    We compare several Kubernetes auto-update mechanisms which can apply application updates as soon as they become available.

  • Progress Report June

    In June we have made a lot of small improvements to OpenAppStack. Additionally, we have replaced Collabora with OnlyOffice for a variety of reasons.

  • Take back control over your data!

    Presentation given at RightsCon. Shows open source applications that can be used as alternatives to popular online applications and how OpenAppStack makes them easier to deploy and maintain.

  • Progress Report May

    In May, we improved the website front page, added Collabora for editing documents and Prometheus for monitoring. In June we will be at RightsCon, presenting OAS on Wednesday.

  • Progress Report April

    OpenAppStack was represented at the Internet Freedom Festival. We have spoken to a lot of people about the applications we should and/or should not include…

  • Progress Report March

    Last month was the first time we let other people set up OpenAppStack during our presentation at Infracon.

  • Setting Up A Simple Kubernetes Cluster With Openappstack

    Presentation given at InfraCon on Monday 25-03-2019, at 11:30. Introduces people to the concept of OpenAppStack and shows them how to set up their own OAS kubernetes cluster.

  • Progress Report February

    This February we have improved our local storage provisioner and worked on our bootstrap script.

  • Progress Report January

    In January we focused on two main points: CI and storage. In short we have setup a basic CI pipeline that automatically deploys OpenAppStack to a new server and...</span> </li>

  • Comparison Of Free And Open Source Single Sign On Solutions

    Several open source solutions exist for Single Sign On. Therefore, we set out to make a comparison based on our wants and needs.

  • Progress Report December

    December has seen many holidays and deadlines of other projects. Apart from that, we have been focusing most of our OpenAppStack work on “the storage problem”.

  • Progress Report November

    We have continued automating Kubernetes cluster setups, worked on making a Kubernetes-based alternative to some applications we use internally and almost 20 people have filled in our survey!

  • Progress Report October

    It has been an eventful month for OpenAppStack. We have put more work in our Proof of Concept clusters, installing and integrating applications and automatically setting them up.

  • Progress Report September

    This month, we worked towards a proof of concept OpenAppStack cluster with some applications deployed to them and integrated with a Single Sign-On (SSO) server and a web proxy.

  • Progress Report August

    This is a report on the activities done for the OpenAppStack project in August.

  • Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes

    Choosing the right platform for OpenAppStack.

  • Progress Report July

    Report on the research done in July 2018

  • Progress Report June

    This is the first monthly report for the OpenAppStack project managed by Greenhost and eQualit.ie.

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